The events in Odessa at 18 January 2020

Adult ACE / Oath of Virgin

18 January 2020, 19:00
category: play
from 80 to 120 UAH
place: TUZ (Grecheskaya St., 48A)

Oath Maidens 16+ Author: Oleg Mikhailov Genre: Drama in one act       ... A strange custom exists in Albania. According to this custom, if the family does not have a male head and there is no male heir, then one of the women in the family - a virgin - should become the head of the family and a man. So says Eve - a set of ancient Albanian laws. Since taking the oath, such a girl is considered a man - with a new male name, with male rights and obligations. The vowed virgins are what they are called.       Modern society lives by modern laws. Do ancient customs and laws have a right to life if female happiness becomes their price?              Tickets for the performance can be purchased at the box office       or on the theater website:;       or on the website

The poster of the event — Adult ACE / Oath of Virgin in TUZ