The events in Odessa at 18 January 2020

Kill stress

18 January 2020, 14:00
category: extreme
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Dear ladies, girls, girls! We have an offer for you that no one has made to you!       Just first answer the question: “Do you have a desire to kill someone?)))))” It would be more accurate to ask this way: “Do you often have a desire to kill someone?”)))       Some will shout “Yes!” Or laugh “Yes!”, Others will say “Yes” or think “Yes”, and some will have neither the strength nor the desire to react - and this is also “Yes!”       Why does this desire arise? This suggests that the brain “includes” the response to stress “Beat,” and the accumulated anger, anger, disgust, irritation require an exit.       You ladies have three options:       1. To quarrel with relatives or colleagues, or even destroy everything around - family, friends, team, ie what you created anxiously and for a long time       2. Drive stress inside and get some unpleasant, if not serious, disease       3. And what we offer you - KILL STRESS IN THE DASH!))))              Much has been written about the physiology of stress development. But each time I come across this state, it is difficult to understand why your body reacts in this way.        Physiology of stress        The main manifestations of organs and systems        Self-diagnosis        Understanding and methods for adjusting physical manifestations of stress              Want to?       Then to you to us!       GO Community "Antitraining" and SSK Personal Defense announce a set of girls of different ages and temperaments))) to a group codenamed "Kill stress" for a joint psychophysiological relaxation in the shooting club Personal Defense.       We invite you:- learn how to handle weapons safely;       - get psychological relief;       - learn to manage stress       - get a lot of impressions, emotions, and fun company))))       It’s interesting, fun and safe to kill stress with us - no one will be hurt !!! Why?       Training, and if desired, the long-term program "Antitraining", is carried out by professionals in their field: doctor of the highest category Katerina Gurienko; instructor Anna Kosyanchuk, and with us on a volunteer basis, Colonel of the Civil Protection Service, extreme psychologist Maya Grinko.              Date: expected       Registration form:

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