The events in Odessa at 18 January 2020

African tales with live music

18 January 2020, 18:00
category: literary evening
from 150 to 200 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Friends, our fabulous, magical evening continues, and this time we'll move to the homeland of giraffes, elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, hippos, zebras and monkeys, where they grow bananas, coconuts and huge baobabs. And help us in this African folk tale. And that dive was the maximum, we'll read them live music of drums, Kalimba, and a unique instrument Tesla drum. Interested? See you then on Saturday 18 January at 18:01 on Studio Intro Vert Music Room at the address: Shevchenko Avenue 8 V. Our fabulous evening will be held in the format of a jam session, in a warm cozy atmosphere. So grab your closest and trusted friends, and go to Africa to walk! We have a limited number of places so please register: ✅ Input: 150 UAH. prepaid, or 200 UAH. the day of the event. ✅ 18 Jan - 18:00 ✅ Address: Shevchenko Avenue 8 ✅ For all questions: 0674793455 – Timur. PS: How to find us will tell after registration.

The poster of the event — African tales with live music in Location