The events in Odessa at 15 February 2020

Hillel Quiz Box / Season 2019/20

15 February 2020, 19:00
category: online
place: Jewish youth center "Hillel" (Primorsky b-R, 9)

Hillel Quiz Box is an on-line intellectual game with random prizes.              Using a virtual platform, the presenter makes question-answer sets with the ability, for participants, to join the game in Hillel and remotely (at home, on the road, in another city or country).              Questions have various subjects: Israel, Jewish traditions and culture, geography, economics, sports, art. Both individual participants and teams can play. The winner does not know what the prize will be until the very end of the game. The prize itself is in a box that opens only after the announcement of the winner.              HOW TO PLAY QUIZ BOX?       1. Enable live streaming of the game on Youtube (first device)       2. Go from your smartphone (second device) to the site       3. Enter the game password (get it from the live broadcast)       4. Play under your First Name and Last Name and indicate the city where you or your team are from.       5. Answer 15 questions correctly with the most points and get the Hillel Box!              This season you will find 5 games, follow the schedule and announcements.              The game lasts 30 minutes.       You can play it yourself or assemble a team of up to 4 people, you can play in Hillel in your city (broadcast the game on the big screen and in a pleasant company) or in any place convenient for you.              The number of teams or players from the city is unlimited.       Each game, you or your team can win a super prize!

The poster of the event — Hillel Quiz Box / Season 2019/20 in Jewish youth center "Hillel"