The events in Odessa at 16 February 2020

Premiere! Liar

16 February 2020, 18:30
category: play
from 40 to 200 UAH
place: Comedy (street, 3)

V. Ilyin, V. Lukashov       Liar       musical comedy in 2 acts       Libretto and poetry - Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Yu. Rybchinsky based on the play of the same name by M. Mayo and M. Enneken              Two young couples. Whole life ahead. But all sorts of difficulties and disagreements - now. And we must somehow get out of them and save the family. How? And here everyone has their own methods. One innocuous trick entails a snowball of troubles and dizzying changes in the family life of the heroes. Note: all this is incredibly funny. The desire to save the family with the help of almost stolen newborns leads to their ever-increasing number. By the end of the performance, several babies will already be in the house, and everyone will be completely confused, not knowing what to do next ...              This is a story of incredible ingenuity and iron self-control. Well, about the main thing - about the very strongest and all-forgiving love that works miracles.              Stage Director and Choreographer Yekaterina Zelenskaya Conductor Vladimir Dikiy Set Designer Stanislav Zaitsev       chief artist, honored artist of Ukraine       Costume Designer Elena Lesnikova Director AssistantAurika Akhmetova       Honored Artist of Ukraine       Assistant directors Vadim Gogolin Larisa Klimova Lyudmila Pelenis

The poster of the event — Premiere! Liar in Comedy