The events in Odessa at 15 February 2020

Meeting on breastfeeding with Nina Zaychenko

15 February 2020, 10:30
category: master class
from 450 to 550 UAH
place: TC "Kadorr" (St. Catherine, 27/1)

We invite you to a meeting, a lesson on breastfeeding with Nina Zaychenko - MilkBlogger - assistant in the breastfeeding coach for parents, foster blogger. By visiting this lesson, you will learn "how it works" lactation: - the mother hormones and their influence on milk production; - the formula for successful breastfeeding; - how to avoid pain during breast-feeding; - how to avoid problems with the extra weight of the child during exclusive breast-feeding; techniques and posture when breast-feeding; - regulation of breastfeeding; - mistakes are important to avoid in your breastfeeding; - myths and tricks that it is important not to get caught nursing mothers; - how to make money on your feeding pharmaceutical companies and other manufacturers; - answers to the most frequently asked dairy questions about mom and baby. We are expecting not only those who want to learn all about breastfeeding, but also subscribers and well-wishers Nina Zaychenko, because after class, there will be a block with answers to your questions and a selfie session with blogger. Prepare your questions in advance - we are waiting for you on Saturday February 15 at 10:30 Kadorr Kids at St Catherine 27/1, tots Kadorr, 5th floor. The cost of participation - 450 UAH. subject to payment until February 10. From February 10 to February 15 - 550 UAH. (Pre-payment card required). Every mom can come to the event with my dad/grandmother and children 4+ will be organized master-classes for free! For infants there is a place for feeding and pelenator. Event partner: Center for perinatal culture Touch Link for registration:

The poster of the event — Meeting on breastfeeding with Nina Zaychenko in TC "Kadorr"