The events in Odessa at 19 February 2020

Transformational Game "Stone Flower"

19 February 2020, 18:30
category: more
800 UAH
place: Studio female perfection "Lakshmi" (Zhukovskogo str., 27)

Transformational game "Stone Flower"  - a balance game, a tool that allows you to get resources and balance and realize any branch of life.              This is a quantum leap that you can make during the game, easily, fun and with pleasure.       The mechanics of the game allows you to see and realize at the level of the material world and body, psyche and emotions, mental-spiritual level, what resources you need for your transformation.              In the game you can collect your unique flower from precious stones. The game integrates the properties of stones as harmonizers of the psychological and integral state of a person, as well as a feature of the transformational game is the application of knowledge and methods of quantum physics and noospheric valeology, which makes it very valuable and effective for all participants.              Taking part in the game "Stone Flower", you will get the opportunity:       • change the general condition;        • harmonize internal and external processes; 律‍♀️       • get energy to fulfill their desires;        • take advantage of clear and understandable game tips, as well as awareness insights;        A wish fulfillment card, reinforced and resonating with the reference vibrations of correctly selected assistant stones, makes this tool truly fabulous and magical!And at the end of the game, the participant feels updated, calm and confident, knowing exactly what he wants and firmly moving towards his goal. It is also surprising that the intention with which you enter the game will begin to be realized in the near future. With the help of a transformational game, each participant can unleash their inner potential by going through all three levels of the game: physical, emotional and mental-spiritual.       The transformation game "Stone Flower" is a real transformation of yourself and your life! And it was this game that took first place among the T-games at the festival "Big Game", in which T-games from all countries of the former CIS participated!              The host of the game is Victoria Groza, the founder of the School of the Sorceress of New Time, a researcher, analyst and practitioner of ancient sacred knowledge and knowledge of the New Age, a master of numerology, a master in working with associative and metaphorical cards, a transcendental coach, the author of techniques for rapid personality transformation, and the author of transformational games, master of Classical Reiki Rioho and Kundalini Reiki, Angelotherapist.              Recording by phone 067 128 83 83.              The cost of participation is 800 UAH.

The poster of the event — Transformational Game "Stone Flower" in Studio female perfection "Lakshmi"