The events in Odessa at 18 February 2020

Multiplication and division table for 8 lessons

18 February 2020, 18:30
category: for children
place: Center of intellectual development "Orpheus" (lane Rope, 6)

How to learn the multiplication and division table, playfully?       80% OF SCHOOLBOARDS OF INITIAL CLASSES (AND THEIR PARENTS) TURN WITH THE TABLE OF MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION.              And there is an exit!              You just need to CHANGE the way to solve the problem. Which way do we usually use? Right! Cramming.       The hackneyed way, it just takes too much TIME AND STRENGTH! Yes, and NERVES too!       Imagine, it turns out over the centuries we use the ONLY ONE way! We invented cars, planes, mobile phones, computers, and as we crammed 200-500-1000 years ago, we continue to cram ((((              AT THE COURSE “MULTIPLAYER” A TOTALLY DIFFERENT METHOD OF REMEMBERING IS APPLIED AND, IT turns out, IT CAN BE LEARNED, PLAYABLE, TOTAL FOR 8 LESSONS!              Who needs the MULTIPLICA program       -Do you have to learn the multiplication table?       -You study the table for a whole year, but is it still there?       - Does the child forget the multiplication table all the time?       -Can not concentrate?       -The child has a bad memory or you just can’t find       an approach?       -You don’t know how to learn the multiplication table without tears and       cramming?              As a result, your child will gain an important skill:       -To learn the multiplication table       -Can be easier to deal with school curriculum items       programs       -Test interest in math and learning       -Improve memory and concentration              Course start: from 18.02 (Tuesday)       Our address: Kanatny Lane, 6                     Sign up to the group by phone. 063 538 63 38

The poster of the event — Multiplication and division table for 8 lessons in Center of intellectual development "Orpheus"