The events in Odessa at 16 February 2020

Master class "Draw acrylic"

16 February 2020, 13:30
category: for children
350 UAH
place: Art Studio "Masterclasschool" (Srednefontanskaya str., 19g (2nd floor))

Children love to paint! They enjoy mixing colors, combining them, inspiringly building their favorite palette, and in just a few hours create a bright, unique canvas.              On Sunday, February 16, at Master Class School, our children paint with acrylic! 朗               Why acrylic?       Кая Bright and rich color palette;        colors mix well, the desired shade can be selected very accurately;       Нет Quickly dries, paints can be diluted with water;        after drying, the drawing becomes waterproof, covered with a protective film;       Не colors do not fade, do not turn yellow over time.              ❤️We are waiting for our most beloved little guests on February 16 at 13:30.        Cost 350 UAH.        Duration 2 hours.

The poster of the event — Master class "Draw acrylic" in Art Studio "Masterclasschool"