The events in Odessa at 15 February 2020

"Energy Kind" - through Runes, Tarot + Autodiagnostika

15 February 2020, 16:00
category: religion/spirituality
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MK "Energy Kind" through Tarot and Runes + Autodiagnostika. Chabrowy analysis of the Genus + the practice "the Blessing of the Kind". MK will be held on 15.02 Saturday at 16.00 in the cozy cabin in the heart of the city. 李On MK we consider the condition of your patrimonial protection, the presence of a generic negative, the magical history of your family. 李Will have a unique practice of purification and support of the Kind. 李Will make and charge an amulet from the interception of any negative programs. 李Get tips through the metaphorical map. Water - so familiar and yet so unknown element of the Universe! Revelation for myself - my inner state, "here and now" that it is necessary to "let go" and where will make me the Thread - "what's in it for me". Author deck. The universe always hears us! ( + Bonus , a gift.) Let us examine the energy status of your genealogical tree! Each of you will receive: - Aura photo in the beginning of the Event : (this status of Your energy - what you should pay attention and where to direct their resources). ... On request after: ( the Result of Your work and awareness. How it will be displayed on the energy sector, to be utilized by the subconscious. With the possibility of more in-depth advice, individual entry.) The duration 3,5 to 4 hours with a break for sweet buffet. Cost 420 UAH.

The poster of the event — "Energy Kind" - through Runes, Tarot + Autodiagnostika in Location