The events in Odessa at 29 March 2020

Going to Gayvoron for positive emotions

29 March 2020, 07:00
category: tour
from 750 to 820 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

"REST FOR GLORY" continues to travel, looking for new interesting places where to go and see new things. Last year we visited the city of Gayvoron and were very pleasantly surprised by its attractions. This time we are going there again for emotions !!       Travel program       7.00 departure by minibus from the railway station (Tokyo Hotel).       10.30 - arrival in Gayvoron       We will visit and see:       - the longest (130 km) narrow gauge railway in Europe (only 75 cm wide);       - we climb into the amazing, real, German, working steam locomotive of the GR of 1943;       - we will see a monument to the Belgian steam locomotive MT-202 - one of the oldest steam locomotives in Europe built in 1893;       - drive up to the Gayvoronskaya hydroelectric power station, from all sides of which beautiful views open;       - we will visit a very attractive regional museum of local lore;       - We will visit the exhibition of unique wooden sculptures;       - we will see the monument to the stone man "Butoloma";       - look at the beautiful railway bridge across the Southern Bug, on which many films were shot (Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno, "Life and Adventures of the Bear Jap", etc.)       - we will have lunch in the most beautiful hotel-restaurant of the city - “Neptune”, located on the shore of the Southern Bug near the city beach.       - and many more interesting things.       17.30 - departure back       21.00 - arrival in Odessa       Date: March 29              The cost of the trip: 820 UAH - adult, children under 12 years old - 750 UAH.The price includes: transport services; excursion service; museum entrance tickets, lunch; accompaniment by a company representative;       Reservation only after prepayment, tel. 0674836334       Photos of places that we will visit, you can look here -

The poster of the event — Going to Gayvoron for positive emotions in Location