The events in Odessa at 31 March 2020

Comedy / Competition program "B"

31 March 2020, 19:00
category: festival
from 150 to 300 UAH
place: Theatre "House of clowns" (St. Olgievskoy, 23)

We are in a hurry to share new names, innovative ideas, fashionable clown boots, and most importantly, humor and joy!              Tickets (150-300 UAH.) Can be purchased on any day:       a) in the House of Clowns, telephone for information (048) 723-63-16       b) box office network Ukrticket and       c) online:              Young and talented clowns and memes will be on the same stage with the experienced and venerable. Two branches of sparkling humor, tricks, dodging and comic will charge the audience with a good mood for the whole year, and at the same time help determine the BEST of the BEST! After all, “Comedyad” is conceived as an annual competition of the best clowns and theaters in the world and, of course, includes performances by special headliner guests.              On March 31, we will show the SECOND PART of the unique competitive program, during which the jury and the audience determine the holders of festival awards in five categories:       - "Grand Prix"       - “Laughter of the highest category” - for the best acting       - “Trickster of the highest category” - for the best trick       - “Durkach of the highest category” - for the best script and direction       - “Simpach of the highest category” - audience award              Every year, "COMEDIADA" opens dozens of new clowning stars who become residents of the best circuses, cabarets, theaters, festivals and shows.              Come laugh at the stars!

The poster of the event — Comedy / Competition program "B" in Theatre "House of clowns"