The events in Odessa at 28 March 2020

Quit Smoking forever in 2 hours

28 March 2020, 10:00
category: seminar/training
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Want to quit Smoking forever? The American system of Holistic therapy consciousness can to help You with this. *************************************************** *************************************************** We invite everyone who wants to quit Smoking, at the individual sessions of Holistic therapy consciousness (CTS) to get rid of Smoking in a convenient time for You. Smoking is not nicotine addiction, but a habit. It is controlled by our subconscious, which controls various processes in the body, e.g. blood vessels, breathing at night, when, apparently, we don't think about it, and all the good and bad habits. Including Smoking. Nicotine lasts in the body only 72 hours and then "brittle" like an addict (addict), there is only thoughts in my head about the desire to smoke (it is the work of the subconscious). Using a unique method based on the CTS, we will help everyone who wants to get rid of this habit properly and painlessly. CTS directs Association with the pleasure that a person receives from Smoking, in a different direction — for example, to sports. Become healthy, calm, confident and happy will be even easier. For the same reason people don'T gain excess weight, don'T start biting your nails, and just become more calm and relaxed. People who quit Smoking, cease to be annoyed by trifles and quarrel with your loved ones, friends and colleagues. My name is Nikolay Velichko. I am a Board certified Holistic Mind Therapy, Smoking Cessation Specialist. Entry to the session only after completing a free consultation. Entry for a free consultation is on the website Moreover, we offer a lifetime warranty*, as more than 95% of people completely quit Smoking after one session of CTS. If the first 15 minutes we decide that our method will not work, we refuse to work with You and will refund You all Your money. Because for us nothing is more important than Your success. So why not book an appointment and not to get rid of this bad habit? We also offer the CTS session "Quit Smoking forever" audio recording. Listen to it in my free time. The cost of this session is only$ 9 (the cost of all 5 packs of cigarettes). Although listening to recordings is not as effective as an individual session CTS with warranty, but still 70% of people easily quit Smoking, and the rest start Smoking a lot less. Make yourself a gift, leaving old habits in the past! To purchase this recording, please write us a PM on Facebook or viber +380964536892. The people with whom we refuse to work – those who do not actually want to quit for yourself. For example, the people forced their wives or husbands, and who really doesn't want to be at the session. After all, we can't force someone to do what he wants. Simpler and easier method, You will not find, not worth the wait, we must act! * under a guarantee means the carrying out of additional free session CTS to get rid of Smoking for those people who again lit a cigarette, regardless, last week after a session or a year. Warranty applies only to the individual sessions of the CTS.

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