The events in Odessa at 28 March 2020

Evening of Edgar Vinnitsky "Generation of open people"

28 March 2020, 18:30
category: recital
400 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Creative evening of Edgar Vinnitsky              And again, our guest is an interesting and talented person!              Edgar Vinnitsky - participant in the Voice of the Country - easy and free - musician, poet, Ted X speaker, author of the book "Generation of Open People."              “The goal of everything I do is to give birth to the desire to create for everyone. It seems to me that absolutely everyone can be a creator, and in the process of creation the nature of creation is known.              In order to create, you need inspiration, and in order to be inspired (in your most light and honest state) you need to get rid of frames and clips in your head.              Our brain constantly leads to thinking about the past or future, while it exists only now.              And the more intense it is in the present moment, the more colorful the future will unfold on the path. Let's attend HERE together ... "               "GENERATION OF OPEN PEOPLE" - a collection of their own poems, the purpose of which is to give birth to a desire to create for everyone.              Everyone can create. And Edgar will share his thoughts about this with us.              Rather, sign up for the most inspiring evening of this month!              Date: March 28       Time: 18.30       Cost: 400 UAH              ☎ Record by phone number: +380505011140        Our address: Odessa, st. Preobrazhenskaya 11

The poster of the event — Evening of Edgar Vinnitsky "Generation of open people" in Location