The events in Odessa at 29 March 2020

Cinema gatherings / Freaky Friday

29 March 2020, 16:00
category: movie
free donation
place: The development center "the heart" (Troitskaya street, 21)

CINEMA WATCHES - this is not just watching a movie - it is a format of film therapy + qigong, and, of course - tea and sweets.       And also a good company!       COST OF PARTICIPATION - DONATION (voluntary contribution).       (From heart to heart - you yourself ultimately determine the value of the event).       Imagine how cool it is: to sit down on sofas or pillows on the floor in front of a large screen, laugh at the same jokes together, pass around tea / coffee and plates with yummies, and then, in the warm yellow light of the floor lamp, discuss everything you've seen / experienced. :-) And, of course, this will not be just a discussion, but the practice of ART-Qigong therapy.              The host of the cinema gatherings is Zoya Ligvinska, art therapist, certified instructor Zhong Yuan Qigong, qigong therapist, author of the ART Qigong project.              The film "Freaky Friday" was not chosen by chance by us. On the one hand, this picture can be watched with children (and we are always happy to see them in the center “Depth of Soul”!), On the other hand, despite the genre of “comedy,” this is a very deep and multi-layered film that touches on topics such as intergenerational relationships and family relationships, acceptance of oneself and others, teenage riot and growing up, acceptance of losses and life changes, and much more.              WAITING FOR YOU AT THE GUEST ON MARCH 29 at 16:00!              If you register in advance, we will save you a more comfortable place! ;-)       REGISTRATION ONLINE BY REFERENCE:              OR BY PHONE:       096-153-20-80 (Viber / Telegram / WatsApp)              Event Location:Odessa, st. Troitskaya 21,       Center "Depth of Soul" Wellness and Meditation

The poster of the event — Cinema gatherings / Freaky Friday in The development center "the heart"