The events in Odessa at 28 March 2020

Author's excursion to Cossack cemeteries

28 March 2020, 15:00
category: tour
50 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Ten rockies to that are the cossacks of the Škodovo Gori boulevard, which are more occupied than the larger group of people. Nine dozens of odesits on the river go to the crowds for a clean tidy up, so the name "Sotnikіvska sich" is inscribed in the excursion route.              Prote istoriya Kozatsky settlement pid Odessa Odesyu zalysaetsya malovіdomoyu. But what about the straightforward trips of the trips to Usativ culture, why did I name the village of Usatovy? Chi skifo-Sarmatskogo mound in the finest Kozatsky kam'yanyh churches? I’m asking you to take a walk in the spring Škodová Mountain, take a walk and experience the bagatas of history and spiritual culture of the whole region!              What exactly will be 28 birch trees?              > Pridoroz vidomim "outlining the tram" vzdovzh Hadzhibeysko road       > Excursion around Sotnikіvsky and Usatіvsky Cossack cemeteries       > Besіda about spring commemorative ceremonies in the national culture ukrainian       > Spіlkuvannya about rodovid (genealogy)       > Turn to the city by train # 20 by bus itself # 111              An excursion is conducted by a graduate student at the Faculty of History and Philosophy of ONU Valentin Dolgochub.              De zbіr: Kherson Square, Kintsev 20th tram              If zbir: 15:00.              Vartіst: 50 UAH. from overgrown, diti - postalless.              Dodatkova information:       063-575-89-10       067-736-05-63

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