The events in Odessa at 24 May 2020

Curatorial excursions in vistavka # SuvorіTaStilnі

24 May 2020, 14:00
category: tour
from 50 to 100 UAH
place: Art Museum (Sophia, 5A)

We need to kill everything, abi want to have a wider coronavirus of COVID-19, also UNTIL 13 HERE in Odessa Art Service has been ACCEPTED by VIDVIDUVACHIV, and all of our supplies have been transferred or transferred. Mi, as early as possible, zakimєmo zberіgati repose and ask for your help, please be advised of the public, and for any symptoms of the disease, you’ll get bogged down. Check you on an excursion, if the situation is stable        _____________________________________________________________              On the present day, after the presentation of our new exhibition “Suvory and stylish”, it’s a curator’s guided tour! At the first weekend, the robots of the exhibition will be conducted at once on two excursions - 14 birch trees (Saturday) and 15 birch trees (week) at 2:00 p.m. Nadali chekaєmo you schoonedil about 14:00.              Yak began to painting art, if the ideological “vidliga” came? Shchoh enter, if mitets, orazobrazuyuchi heroes of the revolution, thinking about the "twelve" of Alexander Blok? How easy is it for an industrial artist to go through an unprecedented way, the theme of his painting is that it is universally cohanne? Why should the freedom of freedom to be immersed to the image not of real, but of vigadan - metaphorical open space? The rozdumah. About the synthesis of ideology, the hour of expressions, the superlative and unforgettable. We will be shukati vidpovid once at a time curatorial excursions.Nagaduєmo, scho # SuvorіTaStilnі ”- the main exhibition of the Odessa art project. Vin є to the logical salesmen of the “Excumum” show (2018-2019), I know that I saw the mystery of the socialist realism of Odessa art, and it includes more than 200 working hours from the middle of 1956.               De: Odessa Art Museum (vul. Sofievska, 5a)        Koli: u saturday, 14 birch, i shched up to 17 grass inclusive        Hour: 14:00        Vartіst: 100 UAH, Pіlgova - 50 UAH (a receipt for the exhibition is included)              ✏️ Register:              More about the exhibition:              Until zustrіchі in the museum!

The poster of the event — Curatorial excursions in vistavka # SuvorіTaStilnі in Art Museum