The events in Odessa at 26 May 2020

Antіn Muharsky and Orest Lyutiy / Banderovsky Sabbath 18+

26 May 2020, 19:00
category: concert
250 UAH
place: Urban Music Hall (Rishelyevskaya street, 33)

Vidomy Mayer ironically prozi Antin Mukharsky to present a new national criminal mystic saga with elements of black humor and eroticism in the style of "Red-blood art" - "Troєshchinske ангvangelіє".              Mukharsky’s enchanting humor, scho ’zalіku’ wounds, vtamu є boli, to amuse others, depressions, roscharuvany, give them vital strength. Adje samyu in vbachaє the author of his creative work is - LIKUVATI DUSHI UKRAЦNTSIV, spraglі for help, fierce, uncollected, correct and radical, but we honestly say that!              And Orest Lyutiy, a spirited anthropologist of Z Stria, zapisva zisen iz from cult projects “Lagridna suvora ukrainskizatsiya”, “Rosiyan in Donbasnt” and the new album “Gridridny viniy”.              Karkolomni mix humor, radical letters and autobiographical history to provide you with positive emotions, megatons of good humor and gigabytes of unforgettable hostility. It’s fun, it’s not correct.              WHOM DO VARTO VIDVIDATI CONCERT?       1.To skip this too ungodly, more often to say, onukam?       2. The autograph and self with mittsami - without shipment.       3.Usіm, hto get lost to the end, and moreover, I couldn’t get it, they are rotten.              Pospayte, kіlkіst mіsts obmezhden!              To people without almost humor - THE INPUT SUVORO IS FURTHER!

The poster of the event — Antіn Muharsky and Orest Lyutiy / Banderovsky Sabbath 18+ in Urban Music Hall