The events in Odessa at 26 May 2020

Golden hits by Yuri Antonov

26 May 2020, 19:00
category: concert
from 250 to 650 UAH
place: Russian drama theatre (Grecheskaya, 48)

Believe in the dream! On may 26 the Russian theatre the premiere of the concert program of the best hits of legendary author and artist of Yuri Antonov. Golden hits - "the Roof of your house," "the White ship", "Sea", "Mirror", "20 years later", "From sadness to joy", "wish", "I remember" and many, many others favorite million songs will be performed VIA "Dream", accompanied by the great symphonic orchestra under control of Igor Znatokov. Composition VIA "Dream" is remarkable musicians - keyboardist Dmitry Eremin, guitar Ruslan Fedoseev, bass guitarist Garik Astakhov, drummer Victor Striewski and, of course, soloist - Sergey Kolchin. Awesome look and voice similarity Sergei Kolchin with Yuri Antonov creates a special atmosphere for concerts. Sergei himself is a fan of Yuri Antonov since childhood and was first publicly performed the song "the Roof of thy house" in 1984. Much water has since flowed under the bridge, Sergey became a professional musician for more than 20 years, is a composer, author and performer. According to Sergei Kolchin for his big concert program with the Symphony orchestra will be a new exciting musical experience. And the first is always the most memorable and exciting. "The Odessa symphonic orchestra under control of Igor Znatokov is a professional team that works with stars of world level, and for us it is an honor to share one stage. We, like every artist has a dream - to win the love of the audience, present unforgettable emotions and to convey to the listener's favorite songs Yuri Antonov. We believe in the dream and it comes true! " The concert will feature 20 of the most popular hits of Yuri Antonov. We invite you to a two hour musical journey on the waves of radio frequencies that have already become history!

The poster of the event — Golden hits by Yuri Antonov in Russian drama theatre