The events in Odessa at 25 May 2020

Constellation Etudes: Family Symptom

25 May 2020, 12:00
category: seminar/training
from 50 to 750 UAH
place: The Association is also "Psyche" a psychological Studio (Armeyskaya str, 23)

The topic for the upcoming March 7 meeting, "Psychosomatics. Family Symptom"       In a programme:       Case histories, Health stories.       The system of the human body, the possibility of influencing the work of organs in a systematic approach. Psychosomatics of a person and the whole family system. Symptom of the family: child and adult.       ***       If among you there are those who have a free Saturday, and have a desire to explore their system dynamics, in the company of like-minded people - welcome!       ***       Each meeting can be the beginning of a large and exciting therapeutic program: “Family Stories”, which will study the laws of the system, family relations and familiarity with the possibilities of the constellation method, genograms, sculptures, etc. You can visit the entire program or attend selective meetings.              The cost of the group is 950 UAH. For participants of relevant projects of the association, with preliminary registration - 750 UAH.       Who plans to be, a record is required, please inform: 0667262064 (Viber)              The host is Shpatakovskaya Gertruda - President of the Psyche Association, Doctor of Psychology (PhD), member of the USP, certified art therapist, perinatal and family systemic psychotherapist (MIPU), EMDR therapy (Austria).                  ___________________________________              And also, follow our schedule:       We invite you to the constellation meetings, which take place in the integrative approach of different trends and by different Masters in the constellation method.With great gratitude to all teachers in this method, which allows you to most effectively and environmentally solve existing problems and get the best results.       __________________       March 13, a constellation method seminar will be held       In a programme:        "You will not enter the same river twice"       Old and new. Organizational changes       Methodological part:       Types of radical changes.       Integration, types and possibilities of constellations       The beginning of new projects, a diagnostic section of the success of a new line of business, personal and organizational in business.       Three focuses of the attention of the organizational consultant in carrying out organizational changes.       The role, place and influence of staff on organizational changes. Hidden conflicts. Lack of recognition. The formation of coalitions and triangulations. A mixture of personal and business issues. Responsibility and irresponsibility. System causes of function failure.       The practical part:       Use cases of organizational arrangements:       - delicate radical changes;       - decision-oriented issues;       - tetralemma of radical change;       - differentiation of reactions,       . Organizational constellation as a tool for change.       Case study.The host of the program is Tiana Zakabluk (Kiev) - founder, director and teacher of the Institute for System Technologies of Effective Development (Kiev), member of the Board of the Ukrainian Association of System Constellations, an experienced trainer, a training system family and organizational constellator, gestalt therapist, organizational consultant, author and the leader of development programs with over 20 years of experience in different cities of Ukraine       Inquiries and registration for all events: 0667262064 (vibe)              __________________              Also, at our meeting, client constellations are held in any requests.              For those who are new to the method:       The method of constellations in family therapy is one of the youngest, and at the same time, the most effective psychotherapeutic areas that have been developing recently. In this approach, a person is not considered separately, but in the context of his social connections. Each person is part of a system - family, clan, team, etc. A person’s problems or his psychosomatic symptoms are signals of systemic disorders. In this case, the therapist's task is to restore order in the system, then she herself will find healing methods.       Applicants and alternate constituents fall into the world of real life, real people, their tragedies, their joys, their feelings and emotions. People involved in the arrangement do not play, they replace people about whom they know nothing, and cannot know.With the help of the arrangement, you can find the most correct, sometimes very unexpected answers to difficult life questions, the most harmonious way out of life situations              We will be happy to share with colleagues, and be useful in the best solutions to customer requests)                     And also in "Psyche" at our constellation meetings, you can get acquainted with different methods, approaches and facilitators. Join the event and be in touch!       We will be grateful to the repost and invitation of those to whom this could be interesting and useful.              Always welcome deputies - a symbolic registration fee - 50 UAH.       Questions and record of client requests for drugs 0667262064 (Viber) I beg you, confirmation, who plans to be with us!

The poster of the event — Constellation Etudes: Family Symptom in The Association is also "Psyche" a psychological Studio