The events in Odessa at 26 May 2020

Children's psychosomatic. Psychosomatic disorders in children

26 May 2020, 18:00
category: the courses
from 2200 to 2500 UAH
place: Educational-psychological Advisory centre "Sodruzhestvo" (Prince St., 38; office 405)

Educational-psychological Advisory centre "Sodruzhestvo" with the support of The Ukrainian Association of existential psychology and psychotherapy Is certified program: Psychosomatic disorders in children and adolescents The author, a practicing child clinical psychologist, candidate of psychological Sciences, L. E. Erastov The program is available for physicians, psychologists, social workers, teachers and senior students of specialized universities Form of study: full-time 5 sessions on Tuesdays from 18: 00 till 21-20 26.05.2020; 02.06.2020; 09.06.2020; 16.06.2020; 23.06.2020; Psychosomatic disorders are the most common not only among adults but also among children and adolescents, and their number is steadily increasing. Statistics: the number of children with these disorders is 40, with 68% of those who applied to peds. Vegetative dystonia is observed every third teenager, unstable blood pressure (the beginning of hypertension or hypotension) were recorded in every five children, one in four is registered by a gastroenterologist, pulmonologist, cardiologist, or endocrinologist. Atherosclerosis dramatically younger – it is diagnosed in 12-13 years. This program "Psychosomatic disorders in children and adolescents" consists of five sessions lasting 180 minutes each. Leading the program – Erastov Larisa E., Ph. D., practicing psychologist with specialization in medical psychology. Classes are not only theoretical but also practical. Below is a brief list of topics and guidelines to be considered. 1 lesson. Psychosomatic conditions and diseases. Introductory lesson In this lesson we look at: A General understanding of psychosomatic conditions and diseases Psychosomatic theories and models. two classifications of psychosomatic disorders in children (Ohmasa, Schmitt and ICD-10) factors contributing to the emergence of psychosomatic diseases 2 occupation. Background of psychosomatic disorders in children. In this lesson we look at: nonspecific genetic predisposition, congenital abnormalities and somatic disorders and defects; features CNS, leading to neural changes; personal characteristics. mental and physical condition of the child during traumatic situations, and also particularly stressful events. Psychological peculiarities of children with psychosomatic disorders. Practice: Test - exercise "Dismemberment". 3 class "Family as one of the causes of psychosomatic disorders in children." Psychological factors within the family that lead to the formation of psychosomatic medicine: the wrong type of education in the family; isolation of the child from the family long-lasting effects on the child of any traumatic situation in the family or a constant series of similar situations the low social level of life. Personal and behavioral characteristics of mothers whose children suffer from psychosomatic. Sources of children's problems in the family. Disease as a response to excessive load. The disease – a violation of the laws of the system (Bert Hellinger). What affects the formation of parents ' attitudes to the sick child? Practice: Metaphorical associative cards: I and all, all, all. Exercise Yes / no. The activity "Family circle". 4 lesson the Symptoms of psychosomatic diseases in children. 1.The relationship of emotions and disorders at the body level. 2.Typical somatic symptoms of prolonged stress and accumulated negative emotions: at the level of the body (headache in children, disorders of the digestive system, respiratory, endocrine, sensory. An eating disorder is obesity, bulimia, anorexia.). on the behavioral level (increased or reduced motor activity. ADHD), at the interpersonal (a desire for-, from-, against people). Practice: Technique "Cause bodily symptom" Test The "Homunculus". Metaphorical cards "Bunch of Gnomes" A questionnaire to identify the type of disorder in children. 5 lesson Psychosomatic diseases in children 1.Enuresis, encopresis. 2.Recurrent abdominal pain of psychogenic origin. 3.Vegetative-vascular dystonia in children 4.Psychological characteristics of children with thermoneurosis. Psychological background the occurrence of angina, acute respiratory infections, of ODS in children. 6.Bronchial asthma. 7.Skin disorders in children. Practice: Working with the body segments in children. The basics of self-regulation in children. After graduation, for professionals, a certificate of specialization and advanced training, Advisory and training of the psychological centre "Sodruzhestvo" Erastov L. E. – children's medical psychologist, candidate of psychological Sciences. Working in Odessa. Speaking about his professional path, I always emphasize that first and foremost - I am a practicing psychologist with extensive experience working with children and adolescents. Rich experience of working with children aged 3 to 18 years turned out to me in the context of the hospital children's ward of Odessa regional psycho-neurological dispensary. Cooperation with private schools and a children's diagnostic center. Resnick (who worked at the centre from 2004 to 2008) provided a good opportunity to get acquainted with the children with normal development and psychosomatic disorders. Parents often come to me with different questions: whether the child is normal in development and behavior, how to handle a rambunctious toddler, is it possible to restore the shaken relationship with his child. The list is endless – this pleases and saddens. Happy because parents closely monitor their children, trying to avoid the mistakes made by their parents. And it's sad that we have such a huge number of children have psychological problems and crashes. That helps me quickly find a common language with different children? It is a great liking for children and a desire to help them become a little happier. There is one small key to the solution of arising they have mental problems - I love to play with them and we fantasize together. At Odessa national University. K. D. Ushinsky taught a range of subjects ("Special psychology", "Psychopathology", etc.). Are the seminar "Psychology and psychological correction of psychosomatic disorders in childhood". In 2005 defended the candidate dissertation on pedagogical and developmental psychology. Author of several scientific and popular articles, and books for children and teenagers - "the Mystery of the old house or a journey into the inner world". Favourite sayings: "the World is round, and what seems the end may be only the beginning", "the Road will overcome the walking". Professional interests – counselling children, adolescents and their parents on issues of upbringing, development and of children with psychosomatic disorders; conduct individual sessions and group workshops with children and teenagers. The cost of participation in the program: 2500 UAH /event! If paid before 15.05.20 the cost of participation is UAH 2200/ The price includes training, additional materials, coffee breaks, certification Registration and additional program information: phone (viber social networks,wasap) +380637082402

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