The events in Odessa at 26 May 2020


26 May 2020, 19:00
category: online
place: IAMPM (Rishelyevskaya street, 33)

Course PM DAO — is a real combat operation mode of the project Manager, you're not just going to teach the theory and in practice through all stages from initiation to completion. This course is well suited to budding project managers, developers and QA to get the skill management of the IT team.  15 hours, 6 powerful speakers from Luxoft, Wemanity Belgium, PMLab, Redmadrobot, Solar Digital, MIRS, practical workshops, ongoing support of mentors, the program adapted to the needs of the market and companies the opportunity to obtain real experience! As a result of the course, you will learn:  To manage risk, resources and time.  To work on Scrum, Kanban, and beyond.  Time to plan team and distribute the tasks in the project.  To work with the assessment.  To compile project documentation.  To write technical specifications and create Work Breakdown Structure  To present the customer with turnkey solutions, demo, prototypes.  Complete projects within budget and stated deadlines. The course will be useful:  Project managers with experience of one year, to structure knowledge, to practice, to study different cases together with the speakers and mentors and to gain a foothold in the profession.  Testers and developers who want to switch to the role of PM and.  Course will help sales, marketing professionals and managers to work better in the project environment. Have have note: if you are not already working in IT is a really challenging course with lots of homework and additional materials. Our mentors are ready to help with any question, but a beginner can cope with the amount of information only in the case that the career of project management in IT — its real purpose. have have ❓ Why DAO PM: ✔ This is all the homework and practice in the classroom — is a combat mode as a team Manager of an IT project. After completing the course, you are not afraid of challenges and you will have something to tell at the interview the recruiter. ✔ This is in addition to the speakers on the course have mentors who accompany you in the process of passing programs, help deal with problems and answer all questions. ✔ This is the program adapted to the needs of the IT companies in the CIS market. After the course you will get advice on how to pass an interview and a trial period, assistance in the finalization of the summary and supporting our Community Manager and. ✔ This is the best, we help students in the employment process in a cool IT company.  Start of the course: may 26 Registration and details:

The poster of the event — DAO PM in IAMPM