The events in Odessa at 25 May 2020

RPT: Reboot and Rebirth Technology Learning

25 May 2020, 10:00
category: seminar/training
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How to find and eliminate ONE key situation that forms the main problems and difficulties in our life.       We will do this on the RPT course - Rapid Personal Transformation              This is a powerful, certified, progressive course of accelerated personality transformation!              On the course of RPT 1. You will master the technology of the first level. Learn to find the starting points - the causes of any problem or fears, wherever they are.              In your life, in the life of your ancestors or other systems. Learn how to work out childhood injuries, self-sabotage, recurring failures in relationships, business, money and health              On the course of RPT 2. You will pass the powerful techniques of the author "Simulation" and "Rebirth" by the author Simon Rose, which will help you erase the pain of past experiences and grievances.              You rewrite your life story and discover new possibilities in yourself.       Learn to apply these techniques for yourself and in working with people.       You will learn what Key Moments of Development are and how trauma of intrauterine development has affected your life.              You can work out all the key points and discover new resources. Read the detailed program below              During the training you will work out:              Emotional states - resentment, anger, guilt pain, betrayal, violence, grief, jealousy, depression, anxiety, sadness, helplessness, anger       Work with phobias and fears: loneliness, poverty, death, suspense, self-manifestation, mistake, hunger              Relations and their qualityClaims to oneself, loneliness in a couple, dependence on relationships, inability to build relationships, conflicts with loved ones, partners, children, parents and the opposite sex, jealousy, indecision, blocking sexuality              Financial difficulties:       Chronic lack of money, debt obligations that cannot be fulfilled, lack of financial well-being, inability to find a well-paid job, inability to voice a decent price for your services, blocking potential, including creative              Personal boundaries:       It is difficult to say “yes” or “no” when necessary, to let people in or out of your life, a feeling of inadequacy, a feeling of loneliness              Health:       Chronic fatigue, overweight, frequent lack of energy, physical malaise, some psychosomatic diseases              Read more about the course here              Attention! At the end of the RPT 2 course, all participants go through the process of bringing the desired abundance to their lives.              Dates and times:       May 25-May 27, 2020 RPT Level 1       the cost of 370 dollars per day of payment       for prepayments until 14.05 2020 - 340 dollars              May 29- May 31, 2020 RPT Level 2       the cost of 395 dollars per day of payment       for prepayments until 14.052020 -370 dollars              RPT 1 + 2 when paying on the day of training 720 dollars              SPECIAL CONDITIONS !              The cost of RPT 1+ RPT 2 = 650 dollars when making 20% ​​of the cost of the course until 05/14/2020       further the cost will increasePrepayment is not refundable. You can attend the next course if you have made a prepayment, but could not come.       Time       from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.              Lunch break and 2 coffee breaks are provided.              After graduation, a certificate in English is issued and the student is entered in the register of trained RPT technology.       Students also receive post-training support from trainer Yulia Bondarchuk for 2 months and communication in the RPT alumni community              Bonus!       Additional Algorithm for working with the topic of money. You will be able to remove restrictions from your flow.       An additional algorithm for working with children. You can help your child cope with stress and any emotional trauma.              Recording by phone 0930626591       Teacher       Julia Bondarchuk. Clinical Psychologist. Certified Level 1 and 2 RPT Teacher. RPT Master

The poster of the event — RPT: Reboot and Rebirth Technology Learning in Location