The events in Odessa at 25 May 2020

Gesture drawing. Date of Soul and Body

25 May 2020, 19:00
category: seminar/training
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GESTURE DRAWING.              Dynamic meditation, immersion in the world of His body, feelings, emotions, conditions.       An incredible date with oneself using color and form.       Freedom of movement during the creation of the drawing expands the boundaries of perception of Self and His manifestations, creates the outline of personal transformations.              What opportunities does GESTURE DRAWING offer?       - get rid of everything that interferes with clamps, blocks and internal stress.       - work with a specific request through the body and drawing;       - open up, feel and see your emotional side       - harmonize the state of the body and consciousness;       - expand the boundaries of the manifestation of Self.       - fill up with a resource for all undertakings       - develop creativity and creativity.              The lesson will be:       - work with a request for a session       -body adjustment and focus on breathing and relaxation;       -dynamic "Gesture drawing"       - drawing - transformation;       - discussion.              We will draw with pastel, move in large formats, 2 × 1.5 meters.       In this regard, a small group - 5 people              What do you get:       ️ work out the internal conflict. Unload on the canvas all that interferes, cleansing your interior from debris.       ️ work with self-identification, self-manifestations, form and content, freedom to be oneself.       Новые Discover new opportunities, launch impulses of implementation, resources and confidence.️ Draw your Wishes and Dreams, which you will take with you on canvas to make sure 100% of the implementation       .       Terms of participation.              pre-paid event registration       all details in PM IV Tsobenko or 0673506687              All drawing materials are provided.       you have comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty (a long-sleeved T-shirt, leggings, socks)       session duration 3 hours              organizes and holds a date Inna Tsobenko       Let's get acquainted:       ✅NLP master       ✅ Over fifteen years of successful entrepreneurship       ✅Author and host of transformational and psychological games       ✅ Practical author of trainings and master classes on happy relationships with life       ✅Organizer of happiness.       ✅ Public figure. Founder of the public organization Veritas

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