The events in Odessa at 29 May 2020

Female circle of strength I want to Marry

29 May 2020, 19:00
category: seminar/training
from 700 to 800 UAH
place: Location (specified when registering)

And let's make the "want" turned into a real wedding date? Want to?              Let's get acquainted,              Inna Tsobenko:              ✅NLP master       ✅ Over fifteen years of successful entrepreneurship       ✅Author and host of transformational and psychological games       ✅ Practical author of trainings and master classes on happy relationships with life       ✅Organizer of happiness.       ✅ Public figure. Founder of the public organization Veritas              It is no secret that in our time, the world makes many demands on women.       She should be both a grateful daughter for her parents and an exemplary mother for children, and besides this: an excellent housewife,       faithful wife       passionate lover       successful business woman       beautiful       well maintained       educated and still desirable to please everyone!              How to do everything while maintaining balance and common sense?       Who to let into your life?       How to protect yourself and your family from the negative effects of family scenarios, destructive beliefs, aggressive or negative people?       What to focus on and where to start?       What to develop and what to abandon?       How to protect yourself from pressure and various types of violence?       How to harmonize your life? -       This psychological training game will help you find the answer to all these questions.              29.05 at 19.00 we beginBy participating in the game you will not only participate in the training, but also be able to analyze yourself in six different planes and work on improving such areas of your life as:       Job,       a family,       motherhood,       relationship with men       development,       relationship with money       parent scripts.       In addition, you will determine your internal resources, understand which of them you do not use to the full, and which need to be increased.       The highlight of the training game are assignments with affirmations that the participants of the training pronounce in a circle holding hands. You can use especially useful and liked affirmations in later life.              ✅ How much       800 UAH       BORSCH group members without BREADa and BALLAST 700 UAH              ✅ recording and prepayment required       0673506687              or in PM IV Tsobenko              See you

The poster of the event — Female circle of strength I want to Marry in Location