The events in Odessa at 27 May 2020

How to stop sucking at sales communication even after quarantine

27 May 2020, 10:00
category: online
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Online so online :-) The sale has NOT ended during restart-quarantined. People do not stop buying. How to sell adequately, remotely? Communicating via messages in the "balcancan" (or "themes") that are not even taken seriously? And both Customers and Sellers)). How to chat in instant messengers, when the number of incoming rolls and simultaneously devalued? The morning format, online continue to adjust communication with phone calls, messages and emails. ★★★ What will be on the webinar? (Breakfast you yourself organize and serverwide:)  How to stop "screwing up": ✔ Decent dictionary Employee in sales (vocabulary, "watch your mouth", the chips decent presentations). Examples ✔ 10+ bugs and crap + how to fix (calls, including "cold", messages) ✔ Send details (for payment), exchange of contacts, sending files (big and heavy) ✔ Contact information in the letters ✔ Work and personal emails ✔ Time responses in social networks ✔ Voice message ✔ Add or NOT to add a Customer (including potential) friends on fb ✔ Transfer/cancellation of the meeting: how to make correctly ✔ And, of course, be cases (situations), which consider, analyse (group mind), and draw conclusions. ★ Bonus: ✔ after the webinar, participants of the online (and those who will look at the record), will receive feedback and the comments of the speaker in its actual communication (calls, emails, appointments, if any:). Will give more details on each item of the program in publications here on the event page prior TO the meeting at the webinar on April 27, Wednesday morning.  Registration – easier easy: + payment + your email message to the number  +38 (067) 444 48 92 telegram, whatsapp, viber  Cost: 150 UAH if paid in advance  When participating in two webinars (all 2020): 250 UAH for any two webinars in 2020. Following a new public webinar in June (link will be added later).  Subject: performing remote presentations. The schedule of open events in 2020 page Delicious Sale.  Organizer Delicious Sale and Olga Antonova Audit skills of salespeople and sales managers; the creation of the corporate book of sales; training support is available. Welcome -

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