The events in Odessa at 06 July 2020

Resource - Psychological camp for adolescents "ALREADY NOT CHILDREN" (12-16 years old)

06 July 2020, 09:00
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⚽️ Resource - Psychological camp for teens  “ALREADY NOT CHILDREN;))) ⛱ - This is not just a vacation. This is an opportunity to acquire and develop the most important competencies, knowledge and skills that are necessary in adulthood: team building, development of emotional intelligence, the basics of competent communication, the entertaining world of journalism, logical thinking and puzzles, business literacy and many psychological and social role-playing games.  Team building \ rallying of participants, obtaining positive experience of interaction in the group, experience of support. Formation of the ability to establish contact.  Training on the development of personal qualities \ Formation of adolescents' ability to understand their emotions and the emotions of other people, manage them and use emotions to solve problems. The development of emotional intelligence.  Oratory lessons \ development of articulation apparatus, breathing, increased speech erudition, eradication of weeds and parasites of speech. 累Workshop “Young Sherlock” \ development of a very important and simply necessary tool in life - logic. What is logic for? Without logic, it is impossible to see the effect and find its source / it is impossible to navigate the situation / it is impossible to know the world, find and study the new and the unknown / The study of the logical relationship is important in any profession⚾️ Journalism lessons \ expressing ourselves with words, gestures, facial expressions \ creating interesting stories and putting them on paper (in the gadget) \ we will master the intricacies of communication, finding interesting information, learn how to distinguish truth from fake Business literacy \ analyze life hacks for beginners of financial geniuses plunge into the fascinating world of finance and business. Consider the issues of working with finances, analysis of the effectiveness of money management. 漏Social role-playing and psychological games \ reinforcing the skills learned at trainings and clubs, developing strategies, self-presentation, observation, creativity, ingenuity, reaction speed, logical thinking and a sea of ​​excitement. ⚾️Master classes \ applied activities that allow you to master various tools, develop skills for creating something with your own hands. Pool and sports clubs \ physical recovery, resource state, relaxation Methods of training: interactive, training exercises, discussions, art techniques, tele-ignored exercises, puzzles, media presentations, video cases, master classes, sports games. ‍♀️ Presenters: the best masters of the Psychological Center "MrіU"  age 12-16  I shift (06/08 - 06/19) II shift (06/22 - 07/03) III shift (06.07 - 17.07) IV shift (July 20 - July 31) V shift (03.08 - 14.08) Venue Odessa, French Boulevard 60 \ 22, school "Mriya" ☎ phone. 063-735-12-11 735-12-11

The poster of the event — Resource - Psychological camp for adolescents "ALREADY NOT CHILDREN" (12-16 years old) in Location