The events in Odessa at 01 July 2020

Preparing for school - summer express course

01 July 2020, 17:30
category: for children
place: Center of intellectual development "Orpheus" (lane Rope, 6)

Soon school, but you are not ready? In our course, a preschooler quickly and effectively learns to read, count and write. It is these “3 rd whales” in the “express training” course that receive increased attention. The structure of the lesson on preparing children for 6-7 years old school includes: -Math, logic - Reading training - Preparing your hand for writing - The development of mental processes (attention, memory, perception, imagination and thinking) -Outdoor games -Development of fine motor skills of the hand Classes of express preparation for school are held in an interesting way and are a good base and start for a future student. Start in the summer: from July 1, duration - 2 months. We practice 3 times a week: Mon, Wed, Fri, 2 lessons of 40 minutes + 10 minutes break = one and a half hours. Sign up to the group by phone. 063 538 63 38

The poster of the event — Preparing for school - summer express course in Center of intellectual development "Orpheus"