The events in Odessa at 01 July 2020

Variety show-Revue "attack of the clowns"

01 July 2020, 20:00
category: show program
from 150 to 300 UAH
place: Summer theatre (Preobrazhenskaya St., 24)

The name speaks for itself. 100 minutes of continuous laughter, a string of all kinds of surprises. And most importantly, the humor of this program is very intuitive, recognizable and close to people of all ages, different professions, different nationalities. That show "Masks" successfully performed in many countries (USA, Japan, Colombia, Israel, Germany, Denmark, Scotland). Tickets (150 - 300 UAH.) you can buy: a) in the House of clowns, phone (048) 723-63-16 b) online: in) cash Ukrticket Odessa "Attack of the Clowns" half a dozen of the best concert rooms and tricks created Masks for 30 years. This is a special playing field "endless clown," in which familiar and favorite characters tell their stories to mimic the novels, one passing into another. In each novel of the performance - euphoric lightness, which is a fantastic skill and technique of plastic actors. "Attack of the Clowns" - a spectacle akin to a layer cake, where each finds its most delicious. Some laugh loudly and strongly demonstrate their good sense of humor. The others laugh less loudly and begin to find out for themselves the identity literature, folklore and film quotes. For still others it is just a holiday. As for kids who are always waiting for the clown and he comes. But better, of course, all of this at least once to see. In the Show involved the Comic troupe "Masks" in full force. • Director: Georgiy Deliev • Sound Engineer – Yuriy Savchenko • Master of the world: Sergey Zakharov • Art Director: Alexander Alexeev

The poster of the event — Variety show-Revue "attack of the clowns" in Summer theatre