The events in Odessa at 03 July 2020

Aromatherapy and Tibetan singing bowls

03 July 2020, 18:30
category: more
place: Ayurvedic Spa "Shanti" (Sadovaya street, 16)

In the beginning the world existed as a universal consciousness, from which emerged a thin cosmic vibration. Of vibration appeared first element, ether, is then formed elements of air, fire, water and earth. The basis of the life energy is the balance of five basic elements that make up man and the entire universe. At the event, "Aromatherapy and the singing Tibetan bowls" You connect the live and earth and return to its origin, to touch his soul, to his inner self. Having become acquainted with the aromas of essential oils, You will be able to formulate his request and in the process to obtain a composition which will be suitable to You individually. To create this composition, You prompt the body to resolve a request or just be relevant at this time. This can be a nice body and as a perfume for every day and can be therapeutic spirits on request. Aromas of freshness will help you cope in the heat, during long trips, at work and on vacation. You will create your individual composition that will fill and help in times of emotional recession. Floral, woody or citrus - You tell Your body and You will get a great result and a magic Elixir to 5ml vial. The same taste and create a natural honey scent of ylang-Ylang, Frankincense, Bergamot or Lavender (your choice). The sound vibration of the singing bowls will create a comfortable and safe environment that promotes a sense of inner integrity, You suddenly awake from a long sleep. You need only sit comfortably, or lie down, relax and open up, everything else happens by itself. Presenters: Practitioner psychologist-psychotherapist Marina Kapustin. Sound therapist. Student Maxim Kiselevskogo (draft plaiting music "Mirascan") and Adre Chutchenko (Amar Jyoti), the representative of the international school of Himalayan Singing Bowls Centre/ Kathmandu, Nepal. Ekaterina Annenkova, a specialist in the safe use of natural essential oils, consultant for creation of individual perfume compositions, perfume and therapeutic essential compounds. Cost - 1008 UAH prepayment! The number of places is limited. The price includes tea and treats from Shanti. You will take a combination of flavors that will make your own. 03 July, 18.30-20.30 street 16 Record by phones : 067 911 52 22 068 978 12 30 With love, Shanti.

The poster of the event — Aromatherapy and Tibetan singing bowls in Ayurvedic Spa "Shanti"