The events in Odessa at 15 August 2020

VTECHA • Long duration performance

15 August 2020, 12:00
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place: The Museum of modern art (Belinskogo St., 5)

"VTECHA" Long duration performance Lead According to the other law of Thermodynamics, it is unwise to transfer heat from less heated to more heated. Tobto the light of physics will give us one straight line. Is it all so categorical in the light of human psychology? Water So, as the water swells the characteristic brightness of the soil, the devil flows, so people carry rice to their region. P.L.O.T.Groupie members They take water from the month, they have been born, or they have spent a significant part of their life, and not all directly from the territory of Ukraine: Piddubtsi (Lutska region), Kiev, Severodonetsk, Mariupol, Altestovo (Odessa region), Odessa, power yak tane lid from the rural parts of Ukraine and the area One chorus from the drip of thaloi water. Steam 15 serpnya near the subway of the Museum of Odesa's Fancy Art, we perform to transform at once with ice. The sound of droplets, amplifications and crumbling at the real hour, along with the noises of the suprovid of the transformation, which is trivial from 12:00 until the last droplet of water. Participants: Irina Lesik, Anastas Karandash, Natalie Insight, Vladimir Titarenko, Arseniy Vasylenko, Evgen Bal 15 serpnya 12.00 - docks not roztane lid Check in vilny abo free donation

The poster of the event — VTECHA • Long duration performance in The Museum of modern art