The events in Odessa at 15 August 2020

The Room w / Whomadewho (Hybrid Dj Set)

15 August 2020, 23:00
category: party
from 400 to 500 UAH
place: Beach club "Caleton" (Dolphin beach 4A)

15.08 (Saturday) ⠀ Long-awaited guests of the southern capital, WhoMadeWho. The best nightclubs in the world greet the dawns with their signature tracks Every Minute and a remix of Tale of Us. Live vocals, musical instruments and a DJ set of styles: funk, disco, electroclash, house and kraut rock. Performing at Burning Man, Tomorrowland and many European festivals is a must for every guest. After the release of their long-awaited album, Through the Walls. With its release, they confirmed their status as the main troublemakers in the Danish Kingdom. The joint track with ARTBAT "Closer" last year became the anthem of the dawns in all clubs in the world and to this day not a single party can do without this track. ⠀ We were really looking forward to this moment when WhoMadeWho will become the headliners of The Room party and especially for this night we will build a large stage on the seashore, 20 kW of excellent sound from the Lacoustics Kudo set and more than 70 lighting fixtures. ⠀ WhoMadeWho (Kompakt / Watergate) Hybrid Dj Set ⠀ 400 UAH - Presale: Presale allows you to enter through a separate queue. Tickets: ⠀ 500 UAH - At the entrance ⠀ FC 21 + / DC Reserve tables by phone 0487890101 ⠀ Subscribe to our channels to keep abreast of events: #seeuattheroom

The poster of the event — The Room w / Whomadewho (Hybrid Dj Set) in Beach club "Caleton"