The events in Odessa at 15 August 2020

Yak piece іntelekt vpliva on such a mystery

15 August 2020, 16:00
category: lecture
place: Odessa regional scientific library. M. Hrushevsky (St. Trinity, 49/51)

We have a well-known neurotic lecture Yevhen Dzhydzhora The bitter lyudina changed her appearance about the new hour and space.   The leaders of a large-scale high-tech revolution and a piece of intelligence in front of us every day see a lot of unprecedented possibilities. We have entered the phase of post-humanity and rapid transformation into post-humanity to computer algorithms post-human. We have destroyed a piece of intelligence, and that pragna will rob everything that is robust! Zokrem, engage in creativity.  A piece of intelligence trying to write pictures and music, using algorithms to tell the directors who can succeed in movies, and books with the added reality "come to life" in our hands! How will you stand with us, how can a piece of intelligence receive testimony? What are you calling me a mystery? We will actively be a smart planet, ale hto life on it? I dare, hto over kim vladaryuvatime: lyudin over algorithms, whose algorithms over people? Let's try again! Dzhidjora Evgen Volodymyrovich, doc. file. sciences, ONU imeni I. Mechnikov. Come in nagadu всmo everything about quarantine. Pikluumosya about myself!

The poster of the event — Yak piece іntelekt vpliva on such a mystery in Odessa regional scientific library. M. Hrushevsky