The events in Odessa at 18 October 2020

Valentin Filipenko. Show with private rings

18 October 2020, 10:30
category: exhibition
place: The Museum of personal collections them. Bleshunov (Polish str., 19)

The exhibition organized by the museum introduces the heritage, without exaggeration, of the largest contemporary artist who lived and worked in our city - Valentin Vladimirovich Filipenko (1935-2013). Excellent draftsman, painter who passed a good professional school, he was able on this basis, breaking himself, to create his own modern style. At the heart of her search is Filipenko, his understanding and vision of the laws of color and harmony, which he - a teacher all his life - shared with students and left in the book "The artist's life, told by him." The works of Valentin Vladimirovich Filipenko, an active, prolific master, who left a large and varied creative heritage, have always attracted connoisseurs and collectors. Thanks to them - collectors and curators - viewers have the opportunity to get acquainted with his works today. The varied graphic and pictorial heritage of the master is supplemented at the exhibition in the Bleshunov Museum with an unexpected find - a sculptural portrait of his wife Raisa carved from wood. It broadens the vision of the artist, paying tribute to the true collectors and custodians of art. Tamara Mikhailovna Mikhailichenko, curator of the project

The poster of the event — Valentin Filipenko. Show with private rings in The Museum of personal collections them. Bleshunov