The events in Odessa at 23 October 2020

SHOW Irini Fedishin "Naykrashchі hіti"

23 October 2020, 19:00
category: concert
from 250 to 850 UAH
place: Comedy (street, 3)

From the radio, I will ask you to attend Irini Fedishin's show "Naykrashchi Khiti". Live sound! Iryna Fedyshyn is a musical phenomenon of the Ukrainian show business, - she plays musical expertise and plays on the provincial TV channels of the country. Pisni "Dolonki", "Ty tilki my", "Kalina", "Tse my land, Ukraine", "I love you," "Bili trojandi" and those richly lunat not in the skin of the Ukrainian donkey. І Shanuvalniks Іrini's talent do not know the reason for their choice, but simply hear and enjoy a happy happy Ukrainian song. The music will be enchanted by the miraculous mood. Iryna is the author of a great picture, as a vicon. The creative youngster has a lot of bright clips, a lot of successful albums. With her brilliance, she will quickly win the hearts of Ukrainian and European eyes, to know the information from the press on the American continent. People actively rotate on all radio stations, see videos of millions of people on the Internet, and at concerts - every time. Irina Fedishin is playing the most touring concert of Ukraine: for the entire hour of her creativity, she gave 1500 concerts. And Irini's skin concert is a spirits show. І skin show of the enemy. It's not a gift to call a phenomenon of the Ukrainian musical stage! Come to the concert, go to the tsomu!At once with her wonderful command, Irina Fedishin will carefully think over her skinny whistle, give the henchmen the best enemy and wonderful mood. This leather concert will be transformed into an enchantingly sacred show with colorful costumes, extraordinary scenography, dance performances, spectacular performances of numbers, and light shows. That persh for everything - to the miraculous vikonannya pisen.

The poster of the event — SHOW Irini Fedishin "Naykrashchі hіti" in Comedy