The events in Odessa at 20 October 2020

Charismatic speaker

20 October 2020, 18:30
category: master class
from 250 to 350 UAH
place: Training center "BST Consulting" (Bolshaya Arnautskaya str., 17)

DESCRIPTION OF THE EVENT First impression in a public speech. How to start effectively and finish convincingly. Dealing with fear of public speaking. Special techniques to create a sense of confidence and comfort before and during a performance. Gesturing in public speaking. Voice fundamentals in theory (Why do we start to speak softly? Why does the voice get hoarse and uncertain? Why does the throat get tired?). Work with the body (release from muscle clamps, development of plastics, release of resonators). SPEAKERS Tatiana Zelinskaya A recognized expert in the field of speech and voice technologies, specialist in public speaking and public speaking. Head and trainer of the Center for Rhetoric and Art of Business and Private Communication. Has many years of experience in communications, journalism and psychology. She worked with famous politicians. More than 15 years of personal practice and over 1000 successful graduates.

The poster of the event — Charismatic speaker in Training center "BST Consulting"