The events in Odessa at 18 October 2020

Visiting the Dniester Scythians with Vladimir Ostrovsky

18 October 2020, 11:00
category: tour
680 UAH
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On a picnic with Vladimir Ostrovsky! Here, in our Odessa region, there are still amazing "places of power" in secluded nooks for the initiates, similar, for example, to the already pretty trampled Aktovsky canyon, where time stands still, where an eternal stream of mossy rock murmurs, where huge clay slopes soar up , and from a secluded cave, it seems, an ancient Scythian in a pointed cap was just peeping out cautiously, not wanting someone to overhear his dialogue with the ancient deity. But we will listen, peer, feel into this atmosphere and immerse ourselves in the legends of Scythia, remember the rituals on the banks of a huge estuary, lay votive stone pyramids and ... rest from the “bustle of cities”, gain true integrity and unity with our native Nature. We leave on October 18 at 11:00, return to Odessa at approximately 17:00. Price: 680 UAH per person Let's go, strike a resounding gong, become like children, for it is said: "Theirs is the kingdom of heaven! .." Register by the link: The price of the excursion includes travel on a comfortable air-conditioned bus, a picnic, full excursion support and organizational services

The poster of the event — Visiting the Dniester Scythians with Vladimir Ostrovsky in Location