The events in Odessa at 28 November 2020

Prem'єra vistavi "Heart of the Dog"

28 November 2020, 19:00
category: play
from 40 to 200 UAH
place: Ukrainian theater (street Pasteur, 15)

Heart of a dog in Odessa! We are waiting for you 2020-10-02 at 19:00 at the Ukrainian Theater, Odessa. You can buy tickets for Heart of a Dog at online. The plot has long been known to everyone: Professor Preobrazhensky, who was involved in preserving youth and at the same time dreamed of improving the human race, feeling himself capable of experimenting, transplanted human glands and the pituitary gland of the brain into a stray dog ​​for a scientific purpose, intending to transform a dog into a human. But the daring experiment had unpredictable and tragicomic results. Polygraph Poligrafovich Sharikov, and this is how the creature was called again, begins to resemble more and more the person whose organs were transplanted to him (donor) - the drunkard Klim Chugunkin, and begins to destroy the cozy and harmonious world of the professor and his loved ones. That is why the doctor decides to return the patient to his original state. And whether he will succeed, find out directly at the performance! In the staging, in addition to the well-known metaphors and allegories, there are reminiscences of other works by Mikhail Bulgakov ("Fatal Eggs" and "Morphine"), and transparent allusions to our present. Quotes that have become aphorisms for a long time will get a new sound. Indeed, in the 1920s, Engels' correspondence with Kautsky is known, which in the story Shvonder advised Sharikov to read, few of his contemporaries mastered, so the director and author of the dramatization appeal to well-known modern realities - the correspondence of today's politicians.The play also actualizes socio-political and moral-philosophical problems: attitude to revolutionary transformations, to power, the problem of human responsibility for their actions and deeds, especially in relation to gross interference in the laws of nature. The issues of responsibility of the intelligentsia to their country, the “internal emigration” of creators, heightened self-esteem, the desire to be a free person, bold denunciation of the vices of the state system, protest against the absurd social structure, against violence received a new sound.

The poster of the event — Prem'єra vistavi "Heart of the Dog" in Ukrainian theater