The events in Odessa at 25 November 2020

Svatannya on Goncharіvtsі

25 November 2020, 19:00
category: play
from 60 to 200 UAH
place: Ukrainian theater (street Pasteur, 15)

Author p'єSI — Grigoriy Kvіtka-Osnov'yanenko Stage Director: Volodimir Tumanov Genre - Evening-Marennya about Ukrainian comic opera in two dihas Description:       In the center of Vistavi there is a classic story: before the Ulyani’s village, there’s dominated the wedding of the Kanszyubi Stetsko. Ale Well Ulyana love krіpaka Oleksіya. That one that dislikes Stetsko, wants a bagati, and that bad one is icy ...      Ukranian words are welcome, it’s for free, it’s possible to fix one’s svatannya, on the other hand, some gifts (on the sign of the year), or, on the other hand, bring a named watermelon.      “Svatannya na Goncharіvtsі” for the same comedy of the Ukrainian classic G.Kvitki-Osnov'yanenko є with his own anthological national music. Comedy, multiplied by Ukrainian music and writing, fantasies on the theme of folk parties - such as genres and special productions. Surround the folk song, whist to play music from the works of Ukrainian composers Semyon Gulak-Artemovsky, Mikoli Lisenka, Kiril Stetsenko.       Prem єra vistavi vidbulasa 11 july 1996 rock.

The poster of the event — Svatannya on Goncharіvtsі in Ukrainian theater