The events in Odessa at 27 November 2020

І. Dunavskiy "Bila akatsiya" / White acacia

27 November 2020, 18:30
category: play
place: Comedy (street, 3)

І. Dunaevsky Bila akatsiya opera on 2 days P'єsa - V. Mass and M. Chervinsky At the Rik's own 70th century Odessa Academic Theater of Musical Comedy im. M. Vodyanoy presented the legendary opere, yaka bula was staged in 1956 on our stage and became a visiting card theater. "Bila akatsiya" for Odessa Musical Comedy - yak "Seagull" for the Moscow Art Theater. “The idea of ​​'Biloi akatsii' was born in 1954, since I came to Odessa. Dunaevsky with libretists Volodymyr Mass and Mikhail Chervinsky. “We walked along the streets і mіyali, - zgaduvav І. Grіnshpun. - We were thinking about the new operet, they knew the dvir, and they'd see it. The old Odessa courtyard, richly susceptible, all the funniness and joy, going back to the homeland ... So populist ... "Bila akatsiya". We took a look at the impatient ones, some of the tse buv "Odessa material" ... The first days I arrived to Odessa, as it received us so comfortably, wanting to dedicate this place to the city, richly once sprinkled, overarching. In Odessa, the romance was always taken up by the sea and sailors, and in the 1950s, the main sea heroes of the whale boi. On the voyage and on the flight of the "Slava" flotilla, they took not only relatives and friends in the port and on Primorsky Boulevard, but tens of thousands of people who were spared with their eyes to see the most important species. On the basis of official dates, the boules are truly national holy. The same whalemen were credited with becoming heroes of the new opera. " (O. Galyas "Christmas and New Years")In 1957, there was a film for vistava, which was on the 12th of May 1958 on the screen, for which “the theater was worn in the leader of its own kind of mystery. Mikhailo Vodyaniy became the teammate who was called the “favorite of the public” in the old days. And Toni's song about Odessa has become an informal chat, and since the 25th of 2011, rock has become the official anthem of the world. Tsia song was called "born" with the voice of the Idalia Ivanovo ... " The legendary operetta, the zoryanny warehouse of artists (5 People's Artists of Ukraine), the music of Isaac Dunayevsky's music, and the aroma of bilyoi acacia - all the checks of our gazers! Prem'єra - 12 May 2017 rock Recommended vik: from 10 rocks In vistavi take on the fate of the vihovancy of the child's studio "Theatrical prolongation", the child's musical school No. 11 and the school of im. prof. P. S. Stolyarsky Triviality - 2 years 05 min.

The poster of the event — І. Dunavskiy "Bila akatsiya" / White acacia in Comedy