The events in Odessa at 22 November 2020

Rock opera "Moses" / "Moses"

22 November 2020, 16:00
category: play
from 40 to 200 UAH
place: Comedy (street, 3)

A. Brodsky Moses rock opera for 2 days Libreto і vіrshi - І. Khentov The Old Testament story about the great prophet Moses and the enlightenment of the Jewish people from the Egyptian is full. Moses came to light in that hour, if the pharaoh ordered to kill all the new generation lads of the Jewish campaign. Shcheb vryatuvati yogo, the mother bowed the baby to the cat in outline, and directed down the Nila. The daughter of the pharaoh knew the child, she used him and grew the order with Ramses - the maybutnim pharaoh. Through abundant fate, having become a cholovik, Moisey wandered from Egypt, and then turned around for the Lord's blessings, so that he could free his people through the path of slavery ... The image of Moisei is the key figure of three religious religions (to Judaism, Christianity and Islam) - he knows his wide representation in painting, literature, musical and theatrical mystery. The theater of musical comedy is for the first time to turn to the biblical ones and open the image of Moisei (people, hero and prophet) in the period from the people to Vihodu. The authors tried not to go from the chronology of the podias, victories in Tori, ala, but to look at the particular genre, they all added a lyrical line of love to the Jewish divine and the Egyptian war. Barstyness of costumes and decorations, from leading artists to the theater, yaskrava music, how to be seen as a symphony orchestra and a rock group, to help gladachi get into the atmosphere of podiatry, which formed the basis of all kinds of culture and culture. The rock-opera "Moisey" demonstrates the magnitudes of the titanic biblical posts - the guide of people!Prem'єra - 26 March 2016 to rock Vіk recommendations for pereglyad vistavi: from 10 rockіv In vistavi take on the fate of the vihovancy of the child's studio "Theatrical prolongation" Triviality - 1 year 40 min.

The poster of the event — Rock opera "Moses" / "Moses" in Comedy