The events in Odessa at 24 November 2020

School of Negotiation. Practical course. 40 stream

24 November 2020, 18:30
category: the courses
from 4900 to 6100 UAH
place: Training center "BST Consulting" (Bolshaya Arnautskaya str., 17)

The target audience: - For those who by profession need to regularly negotiate - with business partners, clients, subordinates; - For those who, not only in work, but also in everyday life, want to be a winner in negotiations, debates, disputes, conflict situations; Purpose of the event: 1. Determine your "negotiator resource" and development zones; 2. Master and adapt the basic negotiation techniques; 3. Develop skills of persuasion and influence; 4. Learn to resist manipulation techniques; 5. To increase personal effectiveness in negotiations; 6. To form an individual style of a successful negotiator: scenarios, techniques, techniques. The course includes 9 lessons of 3 hours each. Classes are held once a week from 18:30 to 21:30 *** Cost *** until November 6 - 4900 UAH until November 20 - 5500 UAH from November 21 - 6100 UAH Phones: (067) 481-80-10 (063) 356-33-36 E-mail:

The poster of the event — School of Negotiation. Practical course. 40 stream in Training center "BST Consulting"