The events in Odessa at 28 November 2020

Share Zelene Misto "Croc Other"

28 November 2020, 10:00
category: charity
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Friends are welcome ✌️ Zrozumіv this year, so the promotion can’t end, as I want to go, Mies the Great Fountain, becoming green and clean! Marvel at that Saturday that week, I will either water, minify the bags in barrels, carry dry leaves from 411 batteries, sajati quiti, as long as you are in a state of the art, you can at once with me or independently rob the list!  #so simple #EkoSvitOdesa #YazaChistMisto #YazaZeleneMisto #NashaChistayaOdessa #GorZelentrestOdessa #CapebolshoyFountain Friends are welcome  Enter nikudi ❗️ So, it's a pity that they planted a past fate, on Misi the Great Fountain, they could not survive the baking summer, but we don’t want to, but we’ll try again, but three times according to the name. And so what we need: 20 volunteers for planting 20-30 trees, minimal tactics! 10 shovels❗️ 600 liters of water 60 videors of black earth і 30-60 vids of clay ❗️ From clay we will rob a pillow for driving вод Also requires more than 200 liters 6 barrels ❗️ Yak mi vzhe could sing, the barrels were clean ❗️ You can write, Poradi, physical, water, earth and financially write in private. Until the scene on Misia the Great Fountain #YazGreenCity #YazaGreenCity #EkoSvitOdesa # EcoMirOdesa

The poster of the event — Share Zelene Misto "Croc Other" in Location