The events in Odessa at 23 November 2020

Warm entertainment in the Gretsky Hall / Book by Valeriy Puzik "I live, we are dead and we live again"

23 November 2020, 18:00
category: presentation
place: Ukrainian theater (street Pasteur, 15)

I would like to ask the guests of the place to visit the Chergova rozmova in the boundaries of the project "Warm entertainment in the Gretsky hall". In the Odessa Ukrainian Theater (15 Pastera str., Gretska hall) 23 leaves fall about 18:00 will be a presentation of the book by Valeriy Puzik "I live yogo, I am dead and I know we live" Svitlana Bondar is moderated. Input is valid. Not long ago, at the "Vidavnytvі Old Lev" there was a collection of information from the writer, the volunteer Valeriya Puzik "I am alive, dead and alive again." The author of the history, de shores of the Іkvi, the frontal places, Odessa, the Obirok khutir serve as a background for the pod, and the spaciousness organically complement the characters. Valeriy describes the rural and urban landscape, the inner experiences and the calling of the story in detail, the main thing and the trophies are shown, giving the opportunity to read the situation from the vigorous perspective. Notification about the feeling of those stosunki, the way and the turn to go, start thinking about the new one. There is a wide range of emoticons for reading checks, and for video presentations - warmth of the rosters. Don't miss it! Valeriy Puzik - artist, writer, director. Having taken part in the combat actions in Donbas in the warehouse of the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps of the Right Sector (DUK PS). The author of the books "Homeless Psi", "Monolith", the co-authors wrote the book "Our Cats. Blindage "and the collection of poetry" There, de home. " Director of documentary short films and video poems.Svitlana Bondar is a journalist, manager of the literary and dramatic part of the Odessa Academic Ukrainian Musical and Drama Theater IM. V. Vasilka.

The poster of the event — Warm entertainment in the Gretsky Hall / Book by Valeriy Puzik "I live, we are dead and we live again" in Ukrainian theater