The events in Odessa at 28 November 2020

Training "Lie Detection" from A. Kopytko

28 November 2020, 10:30
category: seminar/training
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 Odessa will host a unique training "Lie Detection" from the MCPiR company. Learn to identify lies in any situation in 2 days of training! Author and presenter Alexander Kopytko is an expert in the field of profiling, lie verification and communication. ✅ After training in lie recognition, you will be able to: - Increase the reliability of the information received; - Receive additional information, even if the interlocutor does not lie directly, but is silent; - Maintain more trusting and deeper relationships with loved ones; - Know when a person is lying and understand his motives; - Save money by clearly understanding who you can't work with.  The training is based on the methodology of special services and is applicable in everyday life! In personal life: - You will be able to reveal the betrayal of a partner or other lies; - Understand what people are around you every day; - You will begin to build deeper and more trusting relationships in the family. In business: - During negotiations; - Will help you choose only reliable contractors; - Work with partners who will not be thrown at the most crucial moment; - Quickly understand whether the client will pay or will need to sue. Apparatus employed: - Will the employer pay the promised or will in every possible way evade and look for reasons not to pay; - Do they honestly tell you about the upcoming work or "pitfalls" will soon surface. Hiring employees: Understand if the candidate is lying at the interview and in the resume;Is he able to fulfill his job responsibilities or will he sabotage the work.

The poster of the event — Training "Lie Detection" from A. Kopytko in Location