The events in Odessa at 28 November 2020

Bodywork method / Basic course

28 November 2020, 11:00
category: master class
from 1300 to 1700 UAH
place: Yoga Studio IYoga Studio (st. Black Sea Cossacks, 2)

We invite you to November 28-29 in Odessa for a two-day master class on teaching and developing skills for working with body-mind (body awareness).  What is bodywork? This is a broad concept for various methods of working with the body in the form of massage effects. We will learn soft listening with a focus on the whole structure rather than isolated influences. We will soften and bring the attention of the recipient to our body and to what is happening now in the body-consciousness structure. More about practice on the site - It is carried out in loose, light clothing without the use of any additional means.  What will happen at MK? practice - we give each other bodywork sessions accompanied by a leading MC (70% of the time), * basic sequence, bodywork session algorithm, * theory of fascia and myofascial connections, application in practice (according to Thomas Myers) * techniques and tricks of work with attention in the bodywork method, * psychological and energetic safety in the process of receiving and giving any massage effects * and some magic   To whom and why? everyone who wants to improve their body awareness skills and deepen their knowledge in the field of body-mind - body therapists, psychologists, massage therapists, athletes, dancers, yoga practitioners, fitness instructors, etc.* those who want to learn how to help loved ones quickly and efficiently relax, relieve stress and come to a state of harmony and tranquility, fullness and vitality * If you feel a lack of strength and energy, you will see how you "merge" them - as a rule, these are body blocks, clamps, the so-called "body shell", * get simple methods on how to recover yourself from stress, how to return to the "body" and find the pleasure of being in the body, * will be able to use bodywork methods to help and restore loved ones and relatives, * in the process of MK, we will relax and restore our system (body-mind) and pay attention, become aware of our clamps, constrictions in the muscle-fascial structure. Conducted by Roman Solyanik (diploma of masseur and psychologist), practitioner of the bodywork method, researcher of biomechanics of movement and dance, dancer and contact improvisation teacher. When? 28 - 29 November: Saturday from 11.00 to 16.00 Sunday from 11.00 to 16.00 ⛩️ Where? Odessa, st. Black Sea Cossacks, 2 IYoga studio Cost (upon registration and prepayment 50%): - 1500 UAH (for couples 1300 UAH for one) per day MK - 1700 UAH (subject to availability)  registration is required - Discount for city guests - 10% For those who have already participated - 15% For whom it is financially difficult (there is an option of an installment plan for two payments) or 3 preferential places - 30% Group - 15 participants (maximum) Questions and suggestions: telegram, viber +38 093 451 42 57 Roman.

The poster of the event — Bodywork method / Basic course in Yoga Studio IYoga Studio