The events in Odessa at 16 January 2021

New paths of love / Specialization from the Ukrainian Playback School

16 January 2021, 10:00
category: online
1500 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

New paths of love | Specialization from the Ukrainian School of Playback Theater Dear travelers of theatrical Playback trails! We want to see, feel, inspire and invite you to a new online specialization from the Ukrainian School of Playback Theater! We remember that a pandemic plunged us into the virtual world at the beginning of the year. We remember how much loneliness, sadness, despair and devastation we experienced then. We remember and understand that the attempt to replace the meeting in 'reality' with a virtual one is doomed to failure. It's a completely different taste. This is not my mother's borscht and not my grandmother's potatoes, there are no smells, the feeling of a common circle, body touches, a joint pause, loud laughter and a common song. Nevertheless, as practice and our common experience show, there are new opportunities in the online format. Performances, discussion clubs, parties, conferences, trainings, marathons and even mysteries. At these online meetings, we experienced feelings, we saw our own and others' tears, received support, realized that we were not alone, and found inspiration for creativity and spontaneity. It's like borscht in tubes for astronauts)), completely different, but without it you can't survive. Therefore, we, Playbackers, perceive the study of online formats as a challenge for ourselves and the community: - in the development of a new 'virtual territory' - search for a new viewer - not loss, but strengthening and revising the values, mission and meanings of the playback - in the discovery of new, hitherto unexplored connections between us - seeking pleasure in this brave new world- in opening a new source of income We ask: Is a real meeting possible in the virtual space and inside the matrix? So that, as in the movie "Avatar", the traveler rests at home on an armchair, and all his senses are activated at the tip of a blue tail woven with a Screen (dragon) or with another cute tail)) Our invitation is an invitation to search for new paths of Love. The one that flows through the wires straight into a living heart! Block 1: “Aesthetics. How to frame a frame, angle, plan, sound and light. ” Block content: Practices aimed at learning to use the expressive capabilities of the camera. The laws of the camera in cinematography and stream art. Working with different plans: long-range, general, medium, large, extra-large, detail. “Seeing the frame” and understanding its meaning, expressed through the arrangement of objects or actors on the screen. Angle Play: Top, Bottom, Bounded, Moving, Dutch Angle. Technical setting and capabilities of the ZOOM platform, the nuances of image and sound perception. Learning playback forms for online performance. Block 2: “Screen. How to link the physical broadcast location and the screen. " Block content: Exploring the visible boundaries of action. House, room, car, wall, garden (and other places) as a performative stream art space. Environmental friendliness, safety and resource availability of the performer through the arrangement of the broadcast venue. The term “Gate” is the comprehension of the performance space. A territory that belongs to two worlds.Block 3: “Emotions. How deeply experience in front of the camera and the screen. " Block content: Techniques for empathizing and joining the experience of the Other online. Search for a form of expression of experience. Differences between stream art and theatrical stage. Practice of inclusion - what the performer does when he is not on the screen. The intensity of the experience and acting of the actor in front of the camera and on stage in the theater Mindfulness practices and work with illusion. Checking the contact for reality. Block 4: “Energy. The life of an actor and a performance team before, during and after an online performance. ” Block content: Techniques for increasing and managing energy in a team in online work. Analysis of cases of successful and unsuccessful passing of the crisis of teams online. Building a productive emotional contact in the zoom. Rethinking the role and structure of playback rituals. Rehearsal in zoom. The cherry of the first seminar: Participation in the immersive audio performance “Wanderers of Three Worlds. Underworld ”(performative walk) For whom: For practicing playbackers When: 1st module: November 21-22 2nd module: December 19-20 3rd module: January 16-17 How many: 1500 for each module, 4500 UAH in total. Prepayment for a place in the program 1500 UAH. at the beginning and 1000 UAH. - in front of each of the three modules. Prepayment via link ################################################# #Please take care to comply with the rules of our space: • It is very important for engagement that you are in a separate room or sufficient privacy. Our rehearsal room is online and if someone is near you it's almost like talking on the phone right in the middle of a rehearsal. One participant - one room - one phone / tablet / laptop • Take care of sufficient speed of your Internet ВЂ Choose the best device from all available to have a cool picture and cool sound from you • If you have never used ZOOM - download it in advance and chat with familiar playbackers in it before we meet, so you will understand what and how in this program • If you will have a phone or tablet - find a way to secure it in front of you so as not to constantly hold it in your hand

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