The events in Odessa at 19 January 2021

School "Acting for Life"

19 January 2021, 19:00
category: the courses
1200 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

School “Acting for Life” is pure personality development. The tools and techniques of actors, which have been developed and improved since the beginning of the 20th century, can be successfully used in life. The most realistic display of emotions, feeling of a partner, the ability to quickly reincarnate and change your internal state - this is what distinguishes an actor from an ordinary person. What allows the actors to be absolutely free to control themselves: 1. Improvisational thinking. The ability to quickly find non-standard solutions to problems and tasks allows you to always be one step ahead. 2. Empathy. Some people do not hear what you are saying, others hear what you are thinking. Understanding people with a half-word and without words is a necessary life skill. 3. Internal freedom. Sometimes at a critical moment we make a decision that is comfortable for ourselves, and not the right one. Inner freedom allows us not to be led by our fears. 4. Body freedom. Blocks and clamps in the body constrain not only the body, but also the mind. Their absence makes life more pleasant and easier. 5. Knowledge of human behavior. The actions of people are conditioned by their thinking. Knowing about a person, his inner world and beliefs, one can predict his actions with great accuracy. 6. The breadth of manifestations. The great possibilities of the body and voice allow you to reincarnate in the desired social role. 7. Director's vision. The ability to get out of the plane and look at the situation from above allows you to find a non-standard solution and plan the desired outcome of the conflict. What we do in the classroom:- We work with the body. This block includes: muscle warm-up, psycho-bodily exercises to relieve fears, contact improvisation, theatrical plastics, single and group exercises to develop imagination and improvisation. - We are developing the vocal apparatus. Setting up diaphragmatic breathing, releasing resonators, articulatory gymnastics, vocal exercises, intonation development. - Creative acting exercises: sketches, emotional training, development of improvisation, silent sketches, setting a given situation, resolving conflicts. - Analysis of situations from life, and search for solutions that acting skills can provide. Playing them in a training format. - We develop cognitive qualities: memory, visualization skill, concentration. Classes are held twice a week for three hours. Duration of training is 6 months. Address: st. Panteleimonovskaya, 88/1. Tuition fee: 1200 UAH / month. There are 15 people in the group. Every three months there is a reporting show of students. Recruitment into the group - only after the interview. Recording for an interview in the form: Create with us! Where? Theater Association TVARI, st. Panteleimonovskaya, 88/1

The poster of the event — School "Acting for Life" in Location