The events in Odessa at 16 January 2021

Runes 3

16 January 2021, 11:00
category: religion/spirituality
place: Center Feng Shui "southern star" (lane Kataeva, 2)

 When a person learns something, his consciousness changes, moreover, both on a conscious and unconscious level. Runes are a map of energy movement, a compass for this movement, a plan of action, an instruction for the implementation of this plan.  And we are glad to inform you that on January 16 a seminar will take place - the third rune lesson "Runes and Fate". ⠀ In this lesson, you will get to know better: ⠀ ✔ with resin, stone and fire futars; ✔Get hands-on with the ball of desires, stone runes to make your wishes come true, ✔Learn the "Destiny Profile" layout to change your destiny. ⠀ LESSON 3 "RUNES AND FATE":  Practical work with the runes of Water (resin futark);  Magic Canvas - Fate Profile;  Technique of changing fate (the practice of arguing with the gods);  Practical work with the runes of Fire (rune cards)  Finding the worlds of the Yggdrasil tree in our apartment;  Working with representatives of the worlds;  Determination of foreign influences (damage);  Working with canvas - Teacher's Flower;  Practical work with the runes of the Earth (stone futhark);  Magic canvas of Midgard;  Working with the Ball of Desires;  Concept and application of stones of the Elements; Sophisticated rune patterns; Meditation of determining the rune path. ⠀ Conducted by Snezhana Yera. ⠀ ✨ Date and time of the event: January 16 from 11.00 to 17.00. ⠀ For more information, call 050 398 88 66.

The poster of the event — Runes 3 in Center Feng Shui "southern star"