The events in Odessa at 16 January 2021

Constellation psychotherapy

16 January 2021, 10:00
category: seminar/training
from 2650 to 2900 UAH
place: The Association is also "Psyche" a psychological Studio (Armeyskaya str, 23)

Association "Psyche", Institute of Perinatal Psychology and Psychosomatics Institute of Integrative Psychology and Constellation Practices invites to take part in the project: "Family psychotherapy in a systems approach" The seminar is designed for psychologists, family psychotherapists, coaches, as well as those who want to understand the laws of the functioning of the family system and put it in order, and bring love and order into it. Module 1 12-13.12 * Types of system relationships. Ways of building a system and being in it. * "Something more than me". Dependent relationship. Early trauma. The interrupted movement of love. * "Splitting" of the soul. Consequences and methods of coping. roles. Separation of context and roles. The triangle of suffering and the way out. * Evolution of the system and its regression. Host Inna Colombet Unit 2. * Functions of the family system during the appearance and birth of children. The influence of the parental system on the birth and development of a person. * Family myths, family stories. Reloading life scenarios, * Birth and Childbirth Stories. Therapies and research. * Female-male relationship, as the place where children appear Host: Shpatakovskaya Gertrude Module 3. * System of the human body, the possibility of influencing the work of organs in a systematic approach * Psychosomatics in constellation practices. Psychosomatics of a person and the family system. * Psychosomatics of a child and an adult What is behind the symptom. Host: Shpatakovskaya GertrudeModule 4. Money and material resources in a systematic approach. Wealth and poverty in family systems. Money and power as a container for injury and as a way to allow yourself to be. Host: Tiana Zakabluk Module 5. Types of systemic traumatization, methods of its healing. Systemic stress and distress. Perinatal trauma, trauma of generations. Systemic healing of Kin. Host: Inna Colombet * Module 6. When happiness remains in a couple: Features of work by the method of structural arrangement in the topic of partnership. Taking into account systemic laws in the structural arrangement. Multidimensionality in structural constellation. Reading and sharing contexts. Separation of system levels. The essence of the exchange is in partnership and the peculiarities of the "take-give" balance. Play of meanings in pairs. Conflicts. Hidden benefits of partners. Working with the transformation of feelings. Host: Tiana Zakabluk Module 7. Large figures in constellations (Life, Death, Destiny, God, War, Love, Country, etc.) Existential issues and crises. Death as the context of life. Relationship with the dead, loyalty to the dead. Survivor's guilt "I follow you." Life is like a sacrifice. Fear of death as a way of not being with something more than me as a source of strength to meet life. Host: Inna Colombet Module 8. Certification Project leaders:Shpatakovskaya Gertrude - President of the Psyche Association, Doctor of Psychology (PhD), member of USP, certified art therapist, perinatal (MIPU), family systemic psychotherapist (Samadeva, France), EMDR therapist (Austria). (Odessa) Tiana Zakabluk - Head of the Institute of System Technologies for Effective Development, President of the Ukrainian Association of Systemic Constellations, an experienced trainer, family therapist, organizational consultant, training systemic family and organizational constellator, gestalt therapist, author and host of development programs with over 20 years of experience in different cities ( Kiev City) Inna Kolombet is a member of the Ukrainian Constellation Association, a psychotherapist, certified in the following psychotherapeutic areas: psychodrama, family systemic constellations according to B. Hellinger's method, procedural therapy, work with psychological trauma, body-oriented therapy, organizational constellations. (Kiev City) Participation fee, module - 2900 UAH. Discounts: 10% for participants of previous projects of the Association "Psyche" when registering for the entire project, as well as during the promotional time of pre-registration or members of the Kiev group: (2650 UAH) All discounts are valid for registration until 5.10 It is possible to visit individual modules, on a general basis, with full payment - 3350 UAH, without discounts provided for visiting the entire project, subject to the availability of free places in the group.The number of participants in the group is limited. To participate, you must register and make an advance payment, while maintaining the most acceptable conditions for participation, and maintaining a place in the group. !!!! Advance payment upon confirmation of the visit to the project and missing the module is not refundable !!!! When visiting, it is transferred to each subsequent module, and is taken into account at the end of the program. In some cases, you can go through this module with a parallel group in Kiev. Registration: 0667262064 (viber, telegram), limited number of seats! Participants of the entire project are given hourly certificates from the Psyche Association, the Institute for Integrative Psychology and Constellation Practices.

The poster of the event — Constellation psychotherapy in The Association is also "Psyche" a psychological Studio